Learn How Your Health, Hair, and Skin Are Affected By Hard Water
The importance of water is most of the times not fully appreciated even if it is very important in our lives. Averagely everybody uses up to to 80 to 100 gallons of water daily. That being said, you should ensure you use the best water. Developed areas do not have contaminated water, but it could be hard water meaning you need to buy a water softener. Not many people understand why hard water is said to be hard, but this article will discuss the negative impact of such water on a human’s general health, skin and hair.

Water is said to be hard because it has lots of hard minerals in particular magnesium and calcium. Manganese, strontium, zinc, iron, aluminum, barium are dissolved solids that cause hard water. For water to be considered hard it should have over 3.5 grains in each gallon. Let us look at the reason why water is said to be hard. Hard water has calcium and magnesium which aggravate different types of diseases such as colon cancers. Hard water also increases the dangers of having cardiovascular diseases.

When magnesium and calcium are mixed with hair cleaning products the result is salt which leaves scum on your scalp and hair. The moisture that is provided by hair conditioner cannot be absorbed by your scalp. Your hair ends up breaking, thinning, tangling and getting dry.

Your skin may become excessively dry and irritable because of the inability to rinse off after bathing with hard water. If you have eczema and psoriasis hard water worsens such conditions making the skin drier. The skin sometimes absorbs hard water which causes skin pH imbalance.

Your home’s appliances, plumbing fixtures can have residue build-up due to hard water. Hard water gives your water a foul taste particularly if you use it on your appliances such as coffee makers.

If you notice the color of your cloth fading off it is because of hard water. Hard water contains magnesium and calcium which makes your beddings and clothes to be scratchy if they are washed with hard water. You may notice stains on your skin and bathtub due to hard water. Although it easy to clean the stains using these cleaning solutions, nobody wants to clean a bathroom daily. So a water softener is the best investment to solve some of these problems.

Plumbing problems arise due to hard water in the steel pipes. Pipes get easily damaged due to mineral build-up which later on affects water flow. You will eventually be forced to call a plumber if your pipes are corroded by hard water.